Through journaling, you can shift your energy and through that shift, you change your life. 

I’ve been journaling since the day I learned to write but when I started doing it with more intention behind it, I was able to notice the shifts in my thoughts, mindset, and how I spend my days, which ultimately impacted the actions I take throughout the day or week. 

Journaling helps you uncover, and discover who you are and aligns with your inner truth. 

It took me some time to admit that the life I was living wasn’t aligned with who I am and that the goodness life could be, wasn’t meant for me – a kid raised in foster care, an immigrant, and a special needs parent. 

Until I chose to start walking on the level of my soul and begin healing the pieces that were cracked. 

There is no greater courage than working on yourself, being brutally honest, and getting uncomfortable when you begin facing the shadows in your life. 

It’s a bit of a rebellion to start healing, practices routines and rituals and tackle the limiting beliefs to shift your mindset, so that you can wake up every day as you with the intention to live life on purpose. 

The Monthly Inspiration Membership is for those that are ready to start their own personal revolution to heal and break the programming in order to claim their life. 

You have overwhelming thoughts that are keep you stuck and frustrated

You struggle with clarity so that you can free yourself from others’ opinions and know your next big step

You know improving your thoughts and emotions can create a shift in life

You’re tired of looking at a blank page and seeking prompts to help you be inspired 


You’re done spending hours upon hours organizing prompts 

You’re ready to uncover who you are and what makes you tick so you can explore what you want out of this life? 


You have the power to shift your thought, to align with your actions to create the results you want. 

Creating awareness of what’s going on within you, helps you uncover yourself and discover the deeper roots of your thoughts. That’s the healing space and in that space, you can shift your thoughts and create the life you want. 

Choose your journey

Before Dawn


  • Monthly Prompts
  • Fun Words to use in your journal

Into the Shadow


  • Monthly Prompts
  • Fun Words to use in your journal
  • Monthly Journal or Planner 

Breakin Eclipse


  • Monthly Prompts
  • Fun Words to use in your journal
  • Monthly Journal or Planner
  • Courses every other month

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You will receive an email with your login information – if you don’t already have an email associated with my system.  

Monthly inspiration is for all – the beginners as well as seasoned journalers. You will get access to all kinds of different prompts to get started with journaling. 

When is content released? 

  • Journal Prompts are released on the last Monday of the Month
  • Fun words are released on the first Friday of the Month 
  • Journals and Planners on the last Saturday of the Month
  • Courses on the 1st of the month 

I have three different options for you, a monthly plan of $5 $15, or $30. 

Well, don’t worry. Just shoot us an email with your questions to and you’ll hear back from me.

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