Daily Planner

How many times have you tried to remember an appointment for yourself or a family member?

Or maybe you were looking forward to an event only to completely forget about it until you saw images on social media.

And maybe you have some goals but you’re not tracking any activities or habits.

Staying on task and productive is something that many many of us struggle with. We don’t always prioritize well and things are out of order. With this planner, you will get on track by giving a place to write down your priorities and tasks for each day.

Be here now Journal

Each of us has been uniquely endowed with gifts and talents. However, not all of us are aware of what those endowments are. Likewise, most of us know our strengths but ran short on how to maximize them. As a result, we limit ourselves on maximizing our abilities both for our own benefit and for others.

One factor why we seemed to self-minimize our given talents is because we have not discovered ourselves fully well.

Many of us make choices in life without taking into consideration our passions in life. The main problem always lies in denying this indisputable fact. Instead, we tend to remain in our comfort zone. We are afraid of rocking the boat so that our routine would not be shaken up. Yet, in eluding the change needed to advance in our aspirations, we put ourselves in the backseat of life.

In order to expand ourselves. there are several questions that you can ask yourself for self-discovery. With these internal queries and in contemplating for the answers, we begin to search within our memory bank. This will then trigger us to remember certain moments when we felt utmost happiness from within.

In the process, all these questions will lead to a discovery of the real you. Towards the end, you will feel motivated and inspired which will bring personal satisfaction of knowing the next direction and path to take.

Eventually, you will find yourself facing each day in a different way. With energy and vigor, you will be more confident about yourself and you can handle anything that comes your way with ease.